The Ghost Machine / The first course

The Ghost Machine
The first course

He sat on the plate blinking slowly. He was surrounded by what appeared to be chunks of some kind of shiny plastic, until he moved, and it became clear as the frogs arms flayed and tried to escape the plate, that the frogs lower body had been removed. The upper torso of the frog was now sitting on a plate surrounded by his organs, while a young woman ate his raw beating heart.
Of course that couldn’t be real. How can you pull apart and plate a frog before the heart stops beating and it stops blinking? And if you could, why would anyone do that? How would you convince anyone to eat that?
That is what you tell yourself as you continue to scroll down your Facebook feed, past the latest and most fashionable people and trends and opinions and wars and fears and disasters and on and on you scroll into a fog of sleep and the idle busyness of ambition. Past all the recipes, and all the tribulations and accomplishments of the world until you find some inspirational quote to post, so that everyone knows how wise and funny you are…

At least that is how it is supposed to work, but somewhere in the back of your mind the frog is still blinking slowly, and you can never quite forget asking yourself why?

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